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Lilah Shepherd

I am compelled to create a world of my own. A world of shapes and the human experience. Exploring the things that makes us unique and propel our desire for community and connection. My work explores these ideas in form and composition.

Lilah Shepherd, 33, currently lives in Tyler, Texas with her husband Jamin, their three cats and an abundance of plants. She has lived a nomadic existence, having lived across Texas, Florida and France. Lilah is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus in ceramic sculpture and oil painting. Her oil paintings & coil-built clay sculptures create nonobjective environments using forms discovered through her stream of consciousness documentation and colors from her childhood. Shepherd’s forms explore human connections and community, her personal experience of the creating process, how thoughts manifest before language, transparency as a human characteristic, childhood and play, identity, diversity within humanity and art as a vocabulary of visual elements that are unique to every individual.